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Pieza escénica de la creadora EMEJOTA MÍNGUEZ, inspirada en la exposición La última de herencias de Alejandra de la Torre.

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The Seven Senses on Stage is a workshop on organic, harmonic and creative movement, with the intention of recovering a primordial dance and a gesture full of meaning. This movement is action, essence and life on the scene. The impulse that animates everything. The scene, both in authors, performers and spectators is represented and interpreted, before in our mind, where the cycle of creativity arises, to have more resources on these exciting topics, we will delve into our perceptual and representative systems. For this we will give a new approach to the study and we will reflect on our senses and the integration of these senses, in our nervous systems and how they act and condition, ourselves and the spectators, until we are conscious, to be able to invert it in our favor, as source of inspiration and wisdom.

We will make a review of the most transcendental theatrical theories in history, to rescue the most beautiful and universal of each of them, practicing them from another methodology, to reinforce the techniques and theories that have already been learned and how to innovate them.

For a long time, human beings have considered the senses as a gateway to the outside world, through which we explore our environment and obtain basic information for survival (instincts). Through these experiences we will try to generate a paradigm shift in the conception of our sensory system, opening another access door, but this time to the inner world, where everything that drives our work, our movement, our most genuine creation is found. . We aim to help connect artistic expression to the most authentic version of our being.

Through music, movement and the encounter with the other, we will seek the answer to these and other questions, and we will find a direct way of connection with our essence and intuition. We will explore the seven senses, the five known to all, and two systems currently considered as part of our perception: the vestibular system, in charge of movement and the proprioceptive system, in charge of space-time, the true door of the eternal here and now.

Our workshop is a beautiful and deep psycho-physical-emotional work, which will use artistic and human resources within our reach, to understand experientially the universal archetypes, which symbolize the unconscious parts of our mind, this allows whoever experiences, a more conscience expanded, which you can later extend to any aspect of your life, from the artistic, professional to the personal.  Integrating musicality into the body, so that it can be expressed on stage, is one of the objectives of this workshop, and the creative-existential renewal.

Emejota Mínguez es bailarina, coreógrafa y docente afincada en Madrid. Ha recibido una amplia formación en danza contemporánea y danza urbana. Ha trabajado para cantantes internacionales como Alex Serra, Ede, Tanxugueiras, Javiera Mena y Abraham Mateo, y ha formado parte de obras de coreógrafos como la compañía Ad Astra, María José de la Quintana y Cristian González. Emejota ha dirigido y coreografiado dos piezas de videodanza y fue finalista en los Premios Madroño con su pieza Tonglen en 2021. Actualmente, está desarrollando su pieza Bofetada de Normatividad que fue seleccionada para la convocatoria Muestra de procesos incompletos de DT Espacio Escénico en 2022 y para Teatro Pradillo en 2023.

emejota mínguez

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