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Figurative painter born in Alicante and living in Madrid since 2007. He has studied with Luisa Pallarés, Nathaniel Evans, Eloy Morales and Alejandro Carpintero. Since his first exhibition at Escalera de Incendios in 2012 (Bcn), his work has been exhibited in Madrid, Alicante, Barcelona and London.

Grahovsky's portraits are paintings of people looking without looking. They could spend their entire lives crouching behind their sunglasses, absorbed in the ritual of their gum, as if time had stopped. And chewing gum is a figure of boredom. The neurotic repetition of the eternal present. It's all in the gum. The bodies are only its extension. Because outside, whatever there is, there is nothing.  

Trapped in his own bubble of portraits and oil, Grahovsky continues to explore the possibilities that color offers and develop his work where drawings are turned into maps and photographs are digital memories. Always revolving around the questions: Why paint figurative in the 21st century? And why, in the era of the mega pixel, continue to use a traditional technique such as oil?

exposiciones individuales

Monumentalidad y psicodelia - White Lab Madrid - Madrid, España, 2020

White Lab Madrid - Madrid, España, 2021


exposiciones colectivas y ferias

- JUST MAD - Madrid, España, 2021

- Art Battalion Festival de arte

- Hotel Riu, Madrid, España, 2021 Art Battalion Festival de arte

- White Lab Madrid, Madrid, España, 2022 FLUXES

- Monkey Garaje, Madrid, España, 2022 Art & Techno

- Teatro Slava, Madrid, España, 2022 AKEAH Hotel - Madrid, España, 2023

Fotos del estudio

“La selección de un punto de vista es el acto inicial de una cultura.”
José Ortega y Gasset

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