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He graduated in Fine Arts in 2010 from the Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid.


In 2012 he moved to Córdoba upon receiving the artistic scholarship from the Antonio Gala Foundation.

In 2013 he received the FLECHAZO award at the Flecha Art Fair in Madrid.
Some of his most important exhibitions are "Inflections" at the Bat Gallery and "Bend the void. Deciphering the space" at the Modus Operandi gallery. He has also participated in the emblematic international fairs of Art Madrid and Just Mad.

In 2015 the city council of Meco commissioned him his first monumental public sculpture.


In 2016 he received the “UN FUTURO DE ARTE” award by the DEARTE Foundation.  

In 2020 he exhibited " Entre Ma 間. Time or memory" at the Francisco Sobrino museum in Guadalajara.

Founder and cultural manager of NAVEL ART.

Theater producer for the company SOMOS VÉRTICE.

Theatrical plastic and set designer.


“La cultura ayuda al pueblo a luchar con las palabras antes que con las armas.”
Guglielmo Ferrero

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