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Navel Art is a Madrid space for creators who are looking for a place to develop artistically, both artistically and scenic. It has 7 art studios so that the artist can create, experiment and reflect on his work.

We are a house of free thought for contemporary creation and production that promotes artistic creation as a process of research, training and exploration of new languages.

With these 7 studios we want to set up a community of artists in the center of Madrid, within the Imperial Quarter, passionate about creativity, culture and the plastic arts, making Navel ART a benchmark independent artistic production center in Madrid.

Our studies have 24 hour access because inspiration does not understand hours



Each studio is a unique place that provides the outstanding physical means of a good workplace; natural light, good ventilation, independence (no-coworking), security and availability every day of the year.

Art studios are spaces for free thought for contemporary creation and production , promoting collaborative work, the development of creativity and sharing. A community of passionate about creativity and plastic production with a look to the future to turn Navel Art into a benchmark artistic production center in Madrid.


Estudios de arte


Laboratorio escénico


Artistas asociados

Networking y redes


Artistas pasados


Open studio.png

open studio

14 diciembre / 19h

Alejandro Co, Nacho Acebes, Miss Smith, Silvia Durán, Rafa Glückstern, A. Grahovsky, Adrián Canoura, Carlotta Gambato, Gabi Levinton y Kumbuk.

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