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EFÍMERO - NAVEL ART performance y videoa

EPHEMERAL  It arises from the need to continue researching new visual and scenic languages and to put artists in contact both nationally and internationally.  ​

Performance and video art are artistic disciplines that despite  their popularity and being the representatives of contemporary 360º,  They have many difficulties in finding their figure in the art sector.  

Due to these concerns, we started the Ephemeral project so that  performers and video artists have their free exhibition space. The objective is to bring creators and creators closer to a new audience to establish points of view, creative processes, provoke dialogue with viewers and be able to exchange new paradigms of current proposals.

Bill Viola one day commented: " The revolution is something that really begins in individual hearts " and those words have been the engine that has encouraged us to believe in Ephemeral.  

After the great reception of the call where 97 projects were presented, the Navel Art team has designed two formats so that multiple artists from various countries can participate.  In the online format that will take place on May 1, 8 artists from Mexico, Argentina and Spain participate; on the other hand, on May 2, the format is with a face-to-face model that has 5 artists residing in Madrid.  

Next, you can purchase the tickets for the different formats:  

Teresa Ases and Carlos Iglesias Faura: founders of Navel Art
Irene Libera Guarrera : cultural manager of Navel art
Tamara Jacquin : guest on the selection committee
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